Top Bar Widget Area (great for special or emergency messages)

The top bar widget area sits on top of your header, and can hold as many widgets as you like. This is a great solution for adding static, temporary messages!

You can find the widget area in Appearance > Widgets or Customize > Widgets.

In order for the below Customizer settings to appear, you must have at least one widget in the area.

Adjusting the layout

The top bar has a few layout settings which you can find in Customize > Layout > Top Bar.

Top Bar Width

Choose whether the outer container is full width or contained.

Top Bar Inner Width

Choose whether the inner container is full width or contained.

Top Bar Alignment

The initial alignment of your widgets. The widgets try to even themselves out for you.

If the alignment is set to left, the first widget you add will be on the left, the second widget you add will be on the right, the third widget you add will align back to the left and so on.


The Spacing add-on adds four padding options to the widget area so you can choose the top, right, bottom and left padding. These options are also found in Customize > Layout > Top Bar.


The Colors add-on adds all of the color options you need for your widget area in Customize > Colors > Top Bar.

Background Images

The Backgrounds add-on adds all of the background image options you need in Customize > Background Images > Top Bar.

Secondary Navigation

If your secondary navigation is also set to be above the header, an option to merge the top bar widget area and secondary navigation is added in Customize > Layout > Top Bar.